This informative lecture is designed to immerse you in the direct anatomical consideration in the mechanisms and assessment of athletic injuries. Gross dissection of the most commons sport injuries laced with assessment and considerations in predisposing factors to injury. This module will give the student the full scope of athletic injury structure and function as well as a full understanding of the orthopedic assessment of these anatomic structures.
Three learning objectives:
1. The lecture will reacquaint the student with the anatomic aspects of the top sport injuries in the lower extremity.
2. At the completion of this lecture, the student will gain a full understanding of orthopedic examination of the injuries discussed.
3. At the completion of this lecture, the student will understand the mechanisms of injury that may predispose an athlete to injury, based on anatomic, structural and functional considerations.
Top sport injuries in detail- structure, function, assessment-.
1. Ankle- ankle sprain (lateral collateral ligament, Syndesmosis, Deltoid Ligament, Talus)
2. Knee- Medial Collateral Ligament, Lateral Collateral Ligament, Meniscii, Pes Anserine, Semimembranosus, semitendinosus insertion points. Anterior Cruciate Ligament, Popliteus, lateral distal thigh/proximal leg anatomy
3. Hip- Femoral Acetabular Joint, Origin of Sartorius, Rectus Femoris, Gluteus Medius, Gluteus Minimus, Labrum of the hip
4. Groin – detailed anatomy of the adductor muscles emphasizing the different morphology of the groin muscles.
License Approval
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WI DC Not Accepted 2
WY DC † PreApproved 2
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