Provide a definition of Wellness/Well-being and discuss the relationship between the principles that serve as the foundation for the “Wellness” model and the major premise and principles that define the Philosophy of Chiropractic. Understand the Wellness Consultation as an extension of the traditional chiropractic consultation with an introduction to a recognized patient self-assessment instrument that can be used to assist the patient’s journey toward wellness.
The doctor will be introduced to an evidence informed style of communication, Motivational Interviewing, and how it serves as the foundation for the Wellness Consultation. They will learn how to incorporate this technique to guide the patient toward health behaviors that promote wellness and wellbeing.
License Approval
State/ Org. Type Approval Code Credits
FL DC Approved 2
GA DC Pending 2
MN DC Approved 2
NC DC Pending 2
NY DC Approved 2
PA DC Approved 2